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What is the difference between the Invisi Smart Mask™ and common face masks?

Did you know that bacteria could replicate on your facemask every 20 minutes? Conventional facemasks can have an unsafe build-up of bacteria and viruses on their surface within the first 20 minutes of use. This means that they need to be changed regularly. You also risk cross-contamination when touching or changing your facemask. Invisi Smart Mask™ kills viruses and bacteria as they come into contact with the mask allowing you to wear your mask with confidence all day… and for the next 30 days!


Do I need to wash the Invisi Smart Mask™ to reuse it?

Our self–disinfecting technology allows you to safely wear the Invisi Smart Mask™ without the need to wash it. If washing is required to remove stains or spills our masks are machine-washable for up to 10 times. 

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